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Understanding the EGR System

The EGR system reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by recirculating a portion of exhaust gases back into the engine's intake manifold. This process lowers combustion temperatures and inhibits the formation of NOx. The primary components of the EGR system include the EGR valve, EGR cooler, and associated sensors and controls. Proper maintenance and repair of these components are essential for optimal engine performance and emissions compliance.

Common EGR System Issues and Symptoms

EGR system issues can impact engine performance and emissions. Common symptoms include poor engine performance, increased fuel consumption, rough idling, and check engine light activation. These problems may arise from a malfunctioning EGR valve, clogged EGR cooler, or faulty sensors. Prompt diagnosis and repair of EGR system issues are critical to maintain engine efficiency and avoiding potential damage to other components.

EGR Repair and Maintenance Services

EZ Multi Service & Parts offers comprehensive EGR repair and maintenance services for fleet and heavy-duty trucks. Our skilled technicians utilize advanced diagnostic tools to identify the root cause of EGR system issues and perform targeted repairs. Services include EGR valve cleaning or replacement, EGR cooler cleaning or replacement, and sensor testing and replacement. By maintaining your EGR system, you can ensure optimal engine performance and emissions compliance.

Benefits of EGR Repair Services at EZ Multi Service & Parts

Choosing EZ Multi Service & Parts for your EGR repair services guarantees access to our technical expertise, advanced diagnostic equipment, and commitment to quality. Our team is dedicated to providing timely service, competitive pricing, and customer satisfaction. With our EGR repair services, you can expect enhanced engine performance, reduced emissions, and compliance with environmental regulations, contributing to the overall efficiency and longevity of your fleet and heavy-duty trucks.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

I work for a local truck dealership and we use EZ Multi Service as one of our preferred shops to repair our trucks. They give us great customer service standing behind thier work even if there is an issue after the repair. So if you need repairs done on your truck call Adolfo and his team today! They are one of the best diesel shops around!

Dave Colby

Look no further ! Adolfo is seriously the best ! The only one that was able to find the huge transmission issue our truck had! Spend so much on going to different mechanics and he is the best ! Great communication! He is my new go to mechanic ! Thank you for everything Adolfo.

Cristal Medina

The best mechanic in the area!! They really take care of you!! They put pride and quality into their work. I only bring my trucks to them. Thank you so much for everything you do !!

Dennis K

The best repair company, they are serious and trustworthy people when it comes to truck mechanic work, with Mr. Adolfo (Owner), Mr. Diego (Manager) and his team of workers, they are committed to providing you with the best of services, 100% reliable.

Ellin V. Acevedo

Been to the shop with my Cascadia 17 w Cummins ISX 15 and Adolfo and his team Diego Lucas JΓΊnior & Luis did a incredible job at finding a air leak replacing the faulty air bag conducting a EGR flush and recently installing new radiator and a little fabrication for new mudflaps brackets, outstanding job very honest hard working folks i definitely recommend this shop in Newark NJ area πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Ross transport LLC

Alves Ross

these guys are the best in new jersey hands down had a problem with my 2013 volvo truck where i would be driving and it out of nowhere i couldnt give any throttle until it picked up again by it self it took me about 4 mechanics to find the problem then i heard of these awesome guys and right away they figure the problem out #1 in transmission and motors adolfo is the guy to ask for your not going to regret it taking your truck there thanks guys πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

Federico Rosario

Best place to fix your truck, best costumer service and parts departments, they really know what they are doing when you explain the problem of your truck.

Juan Garcia

Great heavy duty truck shop. Real professional mechanics with a lot of knowledge. And parts are always in stock.

Danny M